Wellness: It’s something everyone wants but not everyone can achieve.



Anyone can secure a happier, healthier future. Wellness is easy to achieve. Often, people feel overwhelmed just thinking about making lifestyle changes, but these changes don’t have to be boring or difficult. Lifestyle changes, such as choosing to work out, eat healthy and relax with friends can be fun and easy! Build your path toward wellness by taking small steps toward a healthier lifestyle. For example, choose to take the stairs over the elevator, choose a side of broccoli over fries and choose to stop stressing over things you cannot change. In my personal life, I’ve found it’s often the smallest changes that yield the biggest results.

In this first post, I’ve outlined the six elements of wellness that I believe are the most necessary to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul. So, check them out, and start building your path toward wellness today!

Social Wellness

Source: Google ImagesTo achieve social wellness, maintain healthy connections with your networks of friends, family and co-workers. Step back from work, and find time to visit with friends. Take a moment to enjoy life and the relationships you’ve built with others.


Spiritual Wellness

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Spiritual wellness is being at peace with the values and beliefs that guide your life. Build your path to spiritual wellness by listening to your heart and pursuing what feels right. Some find peace, comfort and strength in religion. Some use mediation for mental clarity, increased energy and inner peace.  Your spirit is your guiding force; it is the essence of who you are. How will you achieve spiritual wellness? What does your path look like?

Emotional Wellness

Emotions can be difficult to manage. Emotional wellness, at is core, is the ability to express emotions in a healthy manner. Talking about your feelings is one of the best ways to achieve emotional wellness. Whether your happy, excited, sad or a little blue, just let out. Helpguide.org, a helpful nonprofit health resource,  offers a list of easy tips to help you kick emotional stress.

Environmental Wellness

Source: Google ImagesAre you experiencing extra stress in your life? If clutter is dominating your life it may be best to simplify your space.  As some would say, a clear space makes for a clear mind. To achieve environmental wellness, you must feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace in your own space.

A fun way to achieve environmental wellness is to incorporate some Feng Shui into your life. Check out Katy Allgeyer’s blog Feng Shui by Fishgirl for her top 10 Feng Shui tips. With more than 20 years of Feng Shui experience, you know her tips have got to be good!

Financial Wellness

Money. It’s a crime, as sung by Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Money seems to be the root of many problems today. To achieve financial wellness, stop stressing about money and start practicing some healthy financial behaviors. Read Trent Hamm’s The Simple Dollar blog to learn some simple techniques to reduce financial stress and gain financial wellness.

Physical Wellness

Eating healthy and exercising regularly are like two peas in a pod. They go hand-in-hand, and they make up the state of physical well-being. As always, you should consult with your primary care physician before dieting or exercising.  How will you build your path to physical wellness? For healthy, creative recipe ideas visit the  Jen Eats to Get Healthy blog. Warning: These recipes aren’t your typical diet food; they’re better!

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The Wrap-up

So, what have I missed? What do I need to add to this piece?

How will you build your path to a healthy body, mind and soul?